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How We Work

The Needs Assessment

Our search strategy starts with your .org

We dive deep into your history, success, challenges, and current financial position. We want to know what makes you tick. Once we understand your current position, we want to see the future of your organization through your eyes.

The Talent Pool

Leave no stone unturned

We advertise broadly but understand that those who are the most sought after are those who are not looking but actively producing stellar results. We target proven candidates and encourage them to explore this intriguing opportunity.

The Vetting Process

Advisers and Deciders

Every nonprofit has a variety of stakeholders invested in the success of this hiring decision. We work with the hiring committee to set up a customized vetting process that will work within the culture of your organization and guide you to making the right leadership decision.

The Decision

Offer and Negotiation

We ensure that all stakeholders are engaged in the process and reach consensus on the final decision. We are with you through every phase – reference checks are verbatim transcriptions of calls to expected and unexpected sources.

The Impact

Best Guarantee

We offer the longest guarantee in search in NYC. We also unconditionally guarantee the employment of the new hire for a period of 12 months. Should the employee terminate for any reason, during this period we will conduct a search for a suitable replacement at no additional fee.


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From small grass roots organizations to international non-governmental organizations, we can help you find the perfect candidate.